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You have entered the Secret Garden


Your Magical Key 1 Workbook, Start of the Journey, is already on it's way to your inbox!


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Your Magical Key 1 Workbook is just the beginning!

This workbook is only one step in our online program


Free to be Me! Key 1: Start of your Journey valued at £22


You can access the WHOLE Magical Key 1 Online Program NOW for just £9 – saving 60% but …


Grab Key 1 Online Program now for ONLY £9 - SAVE 60%

Embrace your true self

and the possibilities that lie ahead.

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Embrace your true self
and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Step onto your transformative path of self-discovery and growth.

Explore where you currently stand on your journey.

Honestly assess your present circumstances and mindset. 

Reflect on your experiences, challenges, and achievements so far.

Where would you like to be? Envision your dream destination, set your goals, and picture the life you desire.


This is your chance to dream big and create a clear vision of your ideal future.

Are you ready to give yourself permission to go there? 


Included in Free to be Me! Key 1
Online Program

Gratitude Journal Page
Creative Activities
Garden Party Adventures

And of course your

Start of the Journey Workbook 🤍

I would just like to explore Key 1 Workbook for now.

© 2024 Celia Barsby Soul Garden Party

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