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Magical garden welcoming you to Soul Garden Party Membership

Welcome to the Soul Garden Party Membership! 

ReAwakening to Your Soul's Purpose

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards embracing your true self, unlocking your soul's purpose, and living a life filled with joy and authenticity?

Join the Soul Garden Party, where we bring the Free to be Me! online program to life through a vibrant community and personalized group coaching.

Your membership includes unlimited access to the Free to be Me! online program and two live coaching calls each month.

With two options available, you can sign up for monthly membership or become an annual member with additional benefits.​

🤍 Rose Garden Party Membership £22/month 🤍

🤍 VIP Garden Party Membership £444/year 🤍

(Sign up before the end of July to secure this exclusive pricing)

Celia Barsby inviting veiwer to join Soul Garden Party

Membership Benefits

🤍 Access to Free to be Me! Online Program
Dive deep into the 16 transformative modules, our Magical Keys. Uncover your inner wisdom, shed outdated stories, and embrace the freedom to be your true, unapologetic self. This program provides the compass you need to navigate life's uncertainties.

🤍 Live Coaching Calls
Enjoy two live coaching calls each month led by Celia Barsby, experienced coach and creator of The Garden Party. This is your chance to receive personalized guidance, ask questions, integrate your self-awareness through creativity and deepen your understanding of the Free to be Me! principles. 
These calls are the heartbeat of the Soul Garden Party, offering real-time support on your journey.

🤍 Vibrant Community

Connect with like-minded souls in the Soul Garden Party community. Share your journey, provide support, and celebrate the victories together. Our community is a safe and nurturing space where you can express yourself freely without judgment.

🤍 Playful Creative Expression

Tap into your innate creativity and experience the joy of expressing your authentic self. Our program encourages playful creative expression and inspiring journaling, allowing you to explore and celebrate your unique gifts within a supportive group setting.

🤍 Break Free Together

Join a collective energy of growth and transformation. As a member of the Soul Garden Party, you're not alone in your journey. Break free from old stories and step into a life that truly reflects your essence, all while being surrounded by a community that uplifts and supports you.

Membership Graphic.jpg

The Soul Garden Party awaits you! 

The Soul Garden Party Membership is your invitation to a life-changing experience.

Embrace authenticity, connect with your soul's purpose, and celebrate the freedom to be yourself. 

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your journey. Click "Join Now" and step into a garden of self-discovery, joy, and authentic living.

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