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Garden Party Favourites

Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you click and make a purchase. This is at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products and services that I trust and believe will provide value to you.

Your support helps me empower more women to ReAwaken to their Soul's Purpose. Thank you!

Creative Supplies

Grab our free pdf with all our favourite supplies for Creative Garden Party Adventures. You can also subscribe to our monthly email with a choice of 4 cards from our soon to be released Garden Party Adventure Cards. Get ready to go on this adventure of YOUR life! ReAwakening to Your Soul's Purpose and discovering your Authentic, Rebellious, Quirky self with a good dollop of Gratitude! Grab your journal - there are lots of opportunities for following Magical Journal prompts. Get ready to put on your boots and go out exploring. Gather your basic art supplies. Create your Space.

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Lauri Ingram

I met Lauri through our shared love of Cosmic Smash Booking, and we have led several masterclasses together. Our shared conversations include our love of crystals and oracle cards, and drinking tea while pondering Big Life Questions. “I have always been curious and have believed there is a higher power guiding us through our life on earth. As spiritual beings, our experiences can be happy or sad, challenging or easy, and we all have the choice as to how to approach life. Each of us longs to lead a fulfilled life, and we travel a path to find that fulfillment and discover our personal truth.” Connect with Lauri through here website and grab her free gift.

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Cosmic Smash Booking

Cosmic Smash Booking transformed my life, and here's why. I used to wake up every day with physical and emotional pain, overwhelmed by guilt and an endless to-do list. My inability to work was compounded by recurring infections, exhaustion, and depression. I yearned for change. Discovering Cosmic Smash Booking, or rather it finding me, was a turning point. This creative journaling method helped me manage my emotions, quiet my inner critic, and embrace life’s mysteries. Through it, I reconnected with the Universe, regained my joy, energy, and enthusiasm. I encourage you to experience this transformative, seemingly magical, alchemical process yourself. I trained as a guide with Catt Z - the creator and founder of Cosmic Smash Booking - check out her website below. You can also watch a taster session on our YouTube channel.


Creative U Business

Creative U Business Community and Aligned Business Building Mastermind Creative U Free community is for women healers and creatives growing and building Heart Centred online businesses, where you are looking to align your life goals, as well as personal values and ethics. Learn to let go of the expected and embracing what lights you up. Grow your business in alignment with who you are and what you want in life. Build Your Business in Alignment with your Values, Ethics, and Life Goals. Often when we start a business we are given a business model that does not feel in alignment with who we are, and so we don't do as well as we could. In Aligned Business Mastermind you learn how your thoughts, feelings, and actions determine your outcomes, and why that it is so important for your business to be in full alignment with your own self. Your online business is aligned with your ethics and values instead of trying to make yourself feel okay with a "normal" business model.

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The Journal District

Journaling is a magical process and I adore beautiful journals! I am always looking out for fresh, creative ways to use the written word, as a tool for self-discovery and personal growth, and can’t resist new books and journals! When I discovered Susan’s work at The Journal District, I fell in love all over again! Her designs are exquisite and irresistible; I am loving her digital journals which have enable ME to find new ways to Discover the Power of the Written Word.

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I discovered the work of Yasmin Boland when looking for my first set of oracle cards and “Moonology” literally fell off the shelf! And so began my moon-journey. Firstly, connecting with the phases of the moon, learning to flow with the energy as she moves through signs of the Zodiac and then training as a Certified Moonologer. My own Daily Practice includes referring to the Moonology Diary, reflecting on the message Moon has for me each day – and of course choosing a card from one of the three beautiful decks in the Moonology collection! NOTE: It IS worth pre-ordering your 2025 Diary for July release as they always sell out!

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