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Here is your gift

Free to Be Me!

Re-Awakening to your Soul's Purpose

Here's the key to unlocking your potential

Are you ready to give yourself permission to go there?

Sometimes, we hold ourselves back due to fear or self-doubt.


It's time to break those barriers and empower yourself to pursue your dreams wholeheartedly.

Grab your free download of Magical Key 1 - WORKBOOK “Start of the Journey” 

Let's take this first step together and set the stage for an incredible voyage of self-discovery and personal development!

Your permission slip is inside!



Magical Key 1 : Start of the Journey

ReAwakening to your Soul's Purpose

Create your own affirmation or use this one

"I give myself permission to take action; to do the things that are good for my soul"

  • Available Online

    Spend time with Celia - Please select YOUR timezone!

If you would like to dive deeper into our conversation around my Magical Key #1 “Start of the Journey” I invite you to spend time with your journal and explore the medicine of this intentional journey:  

Where are you now on your journey?

Where would you like to be?

Are you ready to give yourself permission to go there?

Reflect on your year. What were your highlights?

How have you grown through a "mistake"?

What is your intention for the next stage of your journey?

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What is Soul Garden Party?

Soul Garden Party is not just a membership; it's a celebration of your authentic self. 

Our exclusive group coaching program is based on the 16-module Free to be Me! online program, designed to guide you on a holistic and empowering journey of self-discovery.


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A safe space as you embark on a transformative journey towards embracing your true self, unlocking your soul's purpose.

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