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Permission to change your Story

Do you feel EMPOWERED?

Or do you feel STUCK?

Would you like INSPIRATION and PASSION?

We get stuck when we listen to old stories, the ones about the way we “should” be working, how we “should” behave, what we “should” be achieving, what we “should” be thinking, saying or doing.

I am excited to be able to share my Passion and Gifts with Our Sacred Community’s WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM.

You have permission to reshape your story, to change direction, to change your lifestyle.

You have permission to listen to your own inner wisdom, over the voices of old stories.

One of my transformational phrases is “Your deepest wound holds your greatest medicine”.

My personal wound is my experience of childhood bereavement (which I share in my book The Garden Party), and how healing this wound through my own inner creative and energy work enables me to help other women find their medicine.

Grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy our conversation!

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