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Embracing Healing and Creativity: A Journey to Joy

I recently had an incredible chat with Larissa Russell of Creative U, and I'm eager to share the gems from our conversation with you. Larissa, in her delightful way, brought out my story of living my best life through new adventures and embracing the healing power of creativity.

Enjoy our conversation here 👇

For those of you who might not know me, I'm a teacher – not the traditional kind standing at the front of a class, but one who believes in teaching through conversations, even in unconventional spaces like live YouTube sessions. It's something I've been passionate about since childhood when I would line up my dolls and teddies, unknowingly honing my love for connecting and sharing stories.

My journey as a teacher has evolved into something deeply personal – a mission to talk to women, especially, about what lights them up. I encourage them to pursue what they love, challenging societal norms , such as “we can't earn a living doing what brings us joy.”

These are the stories we tell ourselves, and it's time to rewrite them.

In our conversation, Larissa and I delved into the profound connection between creativity and healing. I shared my experience with intentional creativity, specifically Cosmic Smash Booking, as a transformative tool. Creativity, I believe, allows us to unpack, explore, and heal with childlike curiosity, making the process fun and playful.

One significant aspect we explored was the idea of shadow work. This deep dive into the uncomfortable and sometimes murky parts of ourselves can be daunting, but it's where the real treasures lie. I shared a personal exercise inspired by my own healing journey – an exploration of the bottom of the pond, where the sludge and slime hold the nutrients we need for growth.

As I embark on a new chapter, selling my home to embark on a nomadic business road trip, it's a testament to the transformative power of healing and creativity. Leaving the safety of a known container, be it a marriage or a physical space, can feel a messy but necessary process. It's about shedding old stories and embracing the unknown with open arms.

If you've ever felt the call to infuse your healing journey with creativity, or if you're curious about the transformative power of shadow work, you can join the Loving Healing Creating 2.0 Summit here to access my creative session.

Join me in the mud, where healing becomes an adventure, and let's discover the joy in the process together.

Connecting with Garden Party

If you are ready for a deeper dive, check out our online program Magical Key 9.

We'll explore shadow work, play in the mud, and uncover the treasures hidden in the depths of our personal ponds. I promise it'll be an experience filled with insights, laughter, and perhaps a few unexpected twists.💜

For further creative explorations and inspiration follow Soul Garden Party on YouTube

Looking forward to connecting with you, and may your journey be filled with laughter, creativity, and boundless joy!

See you in the Garden!


If you're ready to embrace the life-changing power of self-discovery, authenticity, and purpose, then Free to be Me! is your catalyst for transformation.

Break free from the old stories, connect with your inner wisdom, and unleash the creative, authentic, rebellious, and quirky self that's been waiting to emerge.

Click the link here to book your FREE Discovery Session - let's chat about your journey, what is holding you back and what lights you up  ✨

Bring your questions and a cuppa 💜

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