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Reawakening to My Soul's Purpose: A Journey Through the Garden Party

Welcome to your Soul’s Garden Party!

A creative lifestyle giving you permission to discover your Authentic, Rebellious, Quirky self!

This special edition of Garden Party was recorded as part of the Feminine Frequency Festival, a global women's wisdom gathering arranged by Jessica Hadari of Global Sisterhood of Light-Leaders & Healers

The Feminine Frequency Festival is an annual feminine feast of rituals, performance, making, energy healing, visual art, meditations,  spoken word,  sound healing,  transmissions,  oracle readings,  channelled wisdom ... and so much more!

In my session you will embark on a transformative journey and experience a soulful awakening.

Watch it here

Let’s unravel the enchanting Garden Party together and dive into the insights and magic shared during this soulful journey.

The Magic of Garden Party

I'm Celia Barsby, the author and creator of the Garden Party, a story that echoes the profound truth: "Your deepest wound holds your greatest medicine."

Join me as we unravel the transformative journey of self-discovery that awaits each of us within the Garden Party.

Magical Key 4: Find Your Magic Within

At the heart of the Garden Party lies Magical Key 4: Find your Magic Within.

In this key, I encourage you to explore your unique gifts and talents, the ones so innate to us that we often overlook their significance. Your authentic, rebellious, and quirky self possesses the power to bring invaluable wisdom to the world. The challenge lies in recognizing and embracing these gifts, the treasures that make each of us extraordinary.

Shadow Work and Tough Times

In the midst of the festive season, I shed light on the importance of addressing shadows and navigating tough times. The holiday season, as recorded during the solstice, can be challenging for many, serving as a reminder that growth often emerges from shadows. Embracing these darker moments becomes a catalyst for profound transformation, a theme resonating deeply with the essence of the Garden Party.

Through the Rickety Gate: A Guided Visualization

One of the highlights of the presentation is a magical journey titled "Through the Rickety Gate."

As we follow my soothing guidance, we find ourselves walking through a gateway into our own soul garden. The visualization encourages us to explore this mystical space, filled with vibrant flowers, delightful sounds, and unexpected wonders. A soul guide appears, offering nourishment and gifts, unveiling the diverse corners of our unique soul garden.


Connecting with Garden Party

The presentation concludes with a call to connect with me, sharing your experiences, thoughts, and the gifts received during the guided meditation.

For those intrigued by the prospect of ReAwakening to their Soul's Purpose, I invite you to accept a free gift – a downloadable workbook that marks the beginning of your transformative journey.

As we conclude this journey through "Free to Me – Reawakening to My Soul's Purpose," let's embrace the wisdom of the Garden Party.

It urges us not to be afraid of doing things differently and to lean into our authentic selves.

The message is clear – by exploring our unique gifts, embracing shadows, and embarking on a journey through our soul garden, we can unlock the magic within us and share our medicine with the world.

If you'd like to embark on your journey with a free gift from me, click here to download the workbook and start your exploration of ReAwakening to your Soul's Purpose.

If you would like to explore Garden Party further check out our series of mini online programs including a deeper dive into Finding your magic within and Shadow work 💜

See you in the Garden!


If you're ready to embrace the life-changing power of self-discovery, authenticity, and purpose, then Free to be Me! is your catalyst for transformation.

Break free from the old stories, connect with your inner wisdom, and unleash the creative, authentic, rebellious, and quirky self that's been waiting to emerge.

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Bring your questions and a cuppa 💜

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