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Blossoming Beyond Business: Unveiling my Five Transformative Insights

I was delighted to be a guest on this live show with Larissa Russell of CreativeU Business

Her show - Aligned Ambitions: Women's Entrepreneurial Wisdom - is for women who are building and growing their online heart-centered businesses and want to show up as their most authentic selves and align their businesses with their ethics, values, and life goals.

In our conversation, I had the pleasure of sharing some profound insights that go beyond the usual business chatter. These takeaways not only enrich the entrepreneurial mindset but also inspire a holistic approach to life.

Five Key Takeaways from our shared conversation:

1. The significance of authenticity and aligning business practices with personal values and ethics.

2. The role of discomfort in prompting change and growth, emphasizing that being uncomfortable is often the catalyst for transformation.

3. "Garden Party" as a curriculum and teaching method, providing a framework for gaining clarity and understanding of one's purpose.

4. The use of lunar cycles and personal rhythms as tools for business alignment, allowing for a more intuitive and mindful approach to work.

5. The importance of self-awareness, self-healing, and continuous self-reflection in the entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing personal growth as integral to business success.

Enjoy our conversation by clicking the image below 👇


Let's dive deeper into the five key revelations that emerged from our enlightening exchange.


Authenticity as the Cornerstone:

I emphasized the transformative power of authenticity in business, underscoring the importance of aligning business practices with personal values and ethics. This is not merely a choice; it's a strategic imperative. My journey showcases how staying true to oneself can build trust and loyalty, emphasizing that personal integrity is the foundation of professional success.


Embracing Discomfort for Growth:

I passionately spoke about the role of discomfort in prompting change and fostering personal and professional growth. I encouraged the idea of viewing discomfort not as a hindrance but as a stepping stone toward progress. This takeaway challenges us to embrace the uncomfortable, recognizing it as a natural part of the growth process and a catalyst for transformation.


"Garden Party" as a Curriculum:

One of the most intriguing concepts I introduced was the "Garden Party" curriculum—a unique teaching method for gaining clarity and understanding one's purpose. Inspired by the organic growth of a garden, "Free to be Me!" encourages you to cultivate your skills, nurture your passions, and blossom into your true authentic self. It's a refreshing perspective on education that aligns with personal and professional development.


Lunar Cycles and Personal Rhythms in Business:

I advocated for a more intuitive and mindful approach to work by incorporating lunar cycles and personal rhythms into business strategies. My insights highlighted the interconnectedness of personal well-being and business success. This approach encourages aligning work activities with the natural ebb and flow of energy, fostering not only productivity but also a harmonious work-life balance.


Self-awareness and Continuous Self-Reflection:

Perhaps the most profound takeaway from our conversation is the emphasis on self-awareness, self-healing, and continuous self-reflection in the entrepreneurial journey. I believe that personal growth is not just complementary to business success; it's integral to it. Entrepreneurs who invest in understanding themselves, healing from within, and reflecting on their journey are better equipped to navigate challenges and lead with purpose.


These insights offer a refreshing perspective on the intersection of personal and professional growth. From the importance of authenticity to embracing discomfort, adopting innovative teaching methods to aligning with natural rhythms, and prioritizing self-awareness, my approach extends beyond the realm of conventional business advice. As we reflect on these key takeaways, it becomes clear that this approach not only enriches entrepreneurial endeavors but also encourages a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

This community is for women healers and creatives growing and building online businesses. Learning to let go of the expected, and embracing what lights them up.

Grow your business in alignment with who you are and what you want in life.

See you in the Garden!

If you're ready to embrace the life-changing power of self-discovery, authenticity, and purpose, then Free to be Me! is your catalyst for transformation.

Break free from the old stories, connect with your inner wisdom, and unleash the creative, authentic, rebellious, and quirky self that's been waiting to emerge.

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Bring your questions and a cuppa 💜

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