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Embracing Surrender: My Cosmic Smashbooking Journey


Welcome to my latest Creative Adventure with Cosmic Smashbooking!

If you've been following my journey, you know that creative journaling is a deeply personal and spiritual practice for me.

Today, I want to share the process and insights from my newest Cosmic Smashbook, created during the Full Moon in Sagittarius.

This book has become a portal for self-discovery, reflection, and surrender to the divine.

The Birth of a Cosmic Smashbook

Creating this Cosmic Smashbook was a unique experience; every book carries it's own energy.

I started as usual by scrunching up the pages and putting on the cover around the time of the Full Moon in Sagittarius. This was an intentional act, setting the stage for what this book would represent. The Full Moon is often a time for reflection, release, and new beginnings, and I felt these energies as I prepared my book.

And then...


Exploring Resistance

As I began to work on the first page, I encountered significant resistance!

This wasn't just creative block; it felt like a deeper, spiritual resistance.

I kept asking myself, "Why haven't I started this page? What am I afraid of?"

It was a powerful reminder that resistance is often a sign of something important that needs our attention.

In my usual fun way, I decided to explore this resistance with oil pastels. I asked myself what I was resisting and why. Common themes emerged: "not enough time," "forgetting," and other excuses that kept me from opening this portal.

It became clear that this book was about being open to surrendering—surrendering to the Divine, to the process, and to the unknown.

Recommitting to Intentions

One of the most profound realizations I had was the need to recommit to my intentions daily.

My initial intention for this book was to surrender and stop trying to control everything.

However, resistance showed me that I was still holding on to old patterns and fears. By acknowledging this, I was able to recommit to my intention and reignite my passion for the process.


The Power of Imagery

Imagery plays a crucial role in Cosmic Smashbooking.

I had a few magazine images on my desk that seemed to want to be part of this first page. These images spoke to me about the smallness of our existence and the importance of looking up and seeing the bigger picture.

They reminded me that we are part of a vast universe, and sometimes, we need to let go of our self-absorption and open up to greater possibilities.


A Simple, Yet Profound Process

As I worked through this creative resistance, I was reminded of a simple truth: sometimes, a similar effect can be achieved with a much simpler process.

We often complicate things by trying to control every detail, but surrendering to the flow can lead to beautiful and unexpected outcomes.


A Prayer of Surrender : Love and Compassion

I want to share a prayer that came to me during this process, encapsulating the spirit of surrender and openness:


May I be kind to myself.
May I be patient.
May I give myself love and support.
May I receive healing.
May I find peace within myself.


Reflecting and Moving Forward

Reflecting on this experience, I feel a renewed sense of purpose and clarity.

This Cosmic Smashbook is not just a collection of pages and images; it's a living document of my journey towards surrender and spiritual growth. I look forward to continuing this journey, adding more pages, and exploring new layers of meaning. 

Join the Journey

If you're interested in creative journaling or Cosmic Smashbooking, I invite you to join me on this journey; this book will continue to evolve during Create & Listen, my weekly soul journalling process in Creative Heart Space.

It's a powerful way to explore your inner world, connect with your spirituality, and express yourself creatively.


Enjoy these Reflective Journaling Prompts:


✍️ What are some areas in my life where I feel resistance, and how can I move with this resistance rather than fight it?

✍️ How can I incorporate symbols and imagery into my journaling to gain deeper insights into my thoughts and feelings?

✍️ In what ways can I recommit to my intentions daily and strengthen my connection to the divine or my inner self?

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Remember, the process of creation is just as important as the final product. Embrace the resistance, surrender to the flow, and let your creativity guide you.


Happy Smashing!

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