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Embracing Endings: My Creative Journaling Process

I am excited to share a deeply personal and transformative journaling session with you.

This post is all about embracing endings, grounding ourselves, and preparing for new beginnings through creative journaling.

Let's dive into the journey I took with my Cosmic Smashbook and explore the powerful themes and techniques that emerged.

Starting with a Grounding Page

Every journaling journey begins with a grounding page. For me, this is the first page I create in any smashbook. This page serves as an anchor, a center that I can return to whenever I need balance. The act of lining my fingers up on this page helps me connect deeply with the message: "Come back to center."


The grounding page is a reminder to find balance in the center of all things. It was created with a spirit of playfulness, an energy I am leaning into today as I explore the theme of endings. This session was inspired by a conversation with a friend about the transition from the Taurus to Gemini astrological cycle. Interestingly, I found myself at the last page of my smashbook, making it a perfect time to reflect on endings and transitions.


Exploring the Theme of Endings

As I pondered the idea of endings, I was drawn to colors like blues and greens. These colors called out to me, and I felt compelled to incorporate them into my page. I gathered images that resonated with these hues and began to reflect on what they might symbolize about endings and new beginnings.


Taurus, an earth sign, encourages us to get grounded and stay centered. As we transition from Taurus to Gemini, it's important to ground ourselves to navigate the changes smoothly. This transition can feel like a big leap, a significant drop from one state to another. The grounding energy of Taurus helps us stay centered during this shift.


Connecting with Color and Imagery

In my journaling process, I often find that certain colors speak to my energetic system. For this session, blues and greens were prominent. Blue is associated with the throat chakra, representing the stories we tell ourselves. It's a powerful color for examining old patterns and narratives that may need to be released. Green, connected to the heart chakra, symbolizes love and healing. It felt like a soothing balm for the old stories and patterns that were emerging.


I used Neocolor II Crayons by Caran D'Ache to bring these colors to life on my page. As I integrated blue and green, I pondered the stories and patterns that were surfacing. This was a time for releasing what no longer served me and preparing for the new energy that Gemini brings.


Honoring the Transition

As I continued to work on my page, I realized that the act of creating was a rehearsal for the transition itself. Each image and color choice was intentional, reflecting my inner journey. A photocopy of artwork I created in May 2018 emerged, symbolizing a closing of energies and a reminder of the path I have walked.


The images of labyrinths and nature elements like butterflies and a spirit figure from the woods added depth to my page. They reminded me of the cyclical nature of life and the importance of walking all parts of our path, even those that feel uncomfortable.


Refresh and Revive

A significant theme that surfaced during this session was the idea of refreshing and reviving. Before starting a new journey, it's essential to prepare and rejuvenate. This ending was about acknowledging the courage it took to reach this point and preparing for what's next.


To close the session, I used shades of green to surround and hold the energy of the ending. This process of integrating different greens felt like a way to embrace the various forms of love and support available to us.


Reflective Journaling Prompts

If you want to dive into your own journaling practice, here are a few prompts to get you started:


✍️ What cycles or chapters in your life are currently coming to an end? How can you honor these endings and prepare for new beginnings?

✍️ Which colors or images are you drawn to today? What do they symbolize for you, and how can they guide your journaling process?

✍️ Reflect on a time when you successfully transitioned from one phase of life to another. What grounding practices helped you, and how can you apply them now?

As you reflect on your own journey, remember that each ending is a preparation for a new beginning.

Embrace the transitions, honor the past, and stay grounded in the present.

Happy travelling!


I hope this post has inspired you to explore your own creative journaling practice.

If you have any thoughts or experiences you'd like to share, please leave a comment below.

Let's continue this journey together!

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