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Free to Be Me!

Re-Awakening to your Soul's Purpose

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When we declare to the Universe that we wish to grow and expand, to let go of old ways of being, old stories, we often encounter a certain resistance.

This Creative Activity will take you through my 7 step RELEASE process.

Download the guidebook which will take you through all 7 steps.


You may choose to do just one step a day - take your time with this activity and use your journal to note any aha moments.


Free GuideBook

ReAwakening to your Soul's Purpose

Watch the video for Step 1 which was recorded during Create and Listen live in my Facebook group Creative Heart Space.

Enjoy this Bonus video for more Creative Play!

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This Creative Activity is part of our Welcome to our exclusive membership program Free to be Me!

Soul Garden Party is not just a membership; it's a celebration of your authentic self.

Our exclusive group coaching program is based on the 16-module Free to be Me! online program, designed to guide you on a holistic and empowering journey of self-discovery.

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