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Reclaim Your Voice: The Transformative Power of Speaking Your Truth with Soul Garden Party

Each month in Soul Garden Party we focus on one of our Magical Keys that unlock the secrets of ReAwakening to your Soul’s Purpose.

Let’s explore Magical Key 2: Speaking Your Truth.


5 Takeaways from Key 2: Speaking Your Truth

Importance of Authentic Expression:

Speaking your truth is crucial for authentic self-expression. Suppressing your true thoughts and feelings can lead to emotional and physical discomfort, highlighting the need for open and honest communication.

Natural Communication Skills:

From birth, humans are natural communicators. Learning to express needs clearly and effectively is an innate ability that, when nurtured, can lead to powerful and positive interactions.

Impact of Social Conditioning:

Social norms and outdated beliefs, like "children should be seen and not heard," can hinder our ability to communicate openly. These learned behaviors often carry into adulthood, affecting our self-expression.

Healing Through Self-Affirmation:

Practicing self-affirmation by saying positive statements like "I love you" and "You are amazing" to oneself is a powerful step towards reclaiming your voice and building confidence in expressing your true self.

Breaking Free from Old Narratives:

Identifying and releasing old stories and beliefs that restrict communication is essential. By doing so, you can create new, empowering narratives that align with your true desires and aspirations, allowing for more authentic and fulfilling interactions.

Love Note from the Garden

I remember times when I couldn’t say what I was thinking or feeling.

It felt like a knot, a tightness in my chest, a pressure like I was going to explode. I learned to push the feeling down, or if that failed, the energy would rise up creating infection in my throat or I would just give way to a flood of tears.

Allow me to tell you that none of these strategies work when trying to avoid speaking your truth!

Communication is an art we learn at birth – any newborn baby is able to communicate their needs immediately, even if the new parents take a while to learn their baby’s “language”! The loving parents then devote their time to teaching their baby to use words – and oh the delight when they first hear “Mama”, “Dada”.

Yes, words have energy and power and being able to speak freely is rightly valued.

As humans we long to hear words of love and praise

I love you

Well done

You’re amazing

Can you say this to yourself?

Can you say this to others?

Which do you find easier?

Somewhere in our development we learn that some aspects of communication are not acceptable, and this is where we can adopt unhealthy strategies. My floods of tears were the equivalent of a toddler tantrum – unable to express my needs any other way. “Children should be seen and not heard” is a philosophy 200 years out of date – but how many women still see themselves as a child who is not allowed to speak?

How often have you thought “Oh I wish I had said…” and did you follow through?

When we feel someone has upset us, we say we need to have a difficult conversation.

Why?! We are allowed to speak our truth.

Start now!

It takes some practice, so grab a mirror, take a deep breath, look into your eyes and say…

‘I love you’. ‘You are so amazing’, and anything else you have always longed to hear.


Enjoy these journal prompts to explore Key 2: Speaking your Truth


We learn our verbal communication skills and behaviours very early in life. These are the prompts we explored in our membership coaching call for Key 2.

✍️ What was your childhood experience of verbal communication?

Think about how your parents spoke to you, how they spoke to each other, how they expected you to speak.

✍️ Reflect on the verbal communication skills modelled to you as a child.

What was considered “acceptable”?

How has that impacted your freedom to speak?

Your soul has a message for you.

Your soul wants to give you new words, new phrases, new ways of using your voice.

✍️ Free write in your journal.

What have you always wanted to say?

What have you always longed to hear?

Allow your inner voice to speak to you.

Are you ready to embark on your journey of self-discovery?

Join Soul Garden Party today and unlock the transformative power within you!

What Makes Soul Garden Party Special?

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Connecting with Garden Party

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See you in the Garden!


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