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I loved this conversation with Sue Dhillon from Blossom Your Awesome Podcast

We answered some “big” questions…

How do I discover my soul's purpose?

How do I recognize pivotal moments in life?

What role do our wounds play in finding our purpose?

How can creativity and playfulness support our journey of self-discovery?

What stops us from discovering our purpose, and how can we overcome it?

If you are ready to dive straight in, you can listen to our conversation here

Have you ever found yourself wondering, "How on earth do I discover my Soul purpose?"

This quest to unravel the deepest calling within is both exhilarating and challenging and has lead me down unexpected paths of self-exploration - but I do love wandering down garden paths!

I've come to realize that uncovering my soul's purpose is a deeply personal journey, one that is unique to me and me alone.

However I am always excited, and consider it a privilege, to share the insights and experiences that I have gathered along the way.

One of the first steps in discovering your soul's purpose is recognizing pivotal moments in your life.

These moments often present themselves as significant shifts or realizations that alter the course of our journey.

Those moments when you recognise something huge about yourself, when you know that life will “never be the same”.

Personally, I experienced such a pivotal moment when I reflected upon my experiences of childhood bereavement and divorce. It was only years later that I recognized the profound impact these events had on shaping my perspective and understanding of life.

Pivotal moments are powerful catalysts for self-discovery and growth, and they serve as reminders of the transformative potential that lies within us.

Your deepest wound is your greatest medicine.

Acknowledging our deepest wounds is an important aspect of uncovering our soul's purpose, as it holds the key to our personal growth and healing.

By embracing our wounds and working through the associated challenges, we gain valuable insights and wisdom that can be used to make a difference in our own lives and the lives of others.

It is through the healing process that we often find our purpose.

The work we do is deep; it is in the darkness that we discover our light.

To navigate this journey effectively, it is crucial to approach it with a spirit of curiosity and playfulness.

Creativity can be a powerful tool in exploring the difficult aspects of our lives and finding meaning within them. By adopting a playful mindset, we can transform our perspective and find new solutions to old problems.

This approach allows us to engage in shadow work, which is the process of acknowledging and integrating our shadow aspects—the parts of ourselves that we often keep hidden or make us feel uncomfortable.

When we engage in this deep work, we see the greatest transformation.

By embracing our shadows through creativity, we can keep our energy upbeat, fun, and playful, rather than allowing it to become dark and heavy.

Are you ready to go into the garden, to get your hands dirty?

For me, one of the significant sources of inspiration in my own journey of self-discovery has been my garden.

Tending to it, nurturing it, and witnessing its growth has taught me valuable lessons about self-care, letting go of what no longer serves me, and embracing the magic and symbolism that exists in nature.

Just as a garden requires attention and intentional effort, our own souls need the same level of care and cultivation to thrive.

I couldn’t do it, but now I can!

A crucial aspect of this journey is embracing our emotions with curiosity and learning through play.

By allowing ourselves to feel deeply and explore our emotions, we can uncover valuable insights and breakthroughs.

By changing the way we perceive and respond to our emotions, we can change our behaviours and build resilience.

Tools such as journaling and creative play can be instrumental in this process, enabling us to express ourselves authentically and explore our inner world.

So what stops us?

Sometimes, what stops us from discovering our soul's purpose is fear.

Fear often arises when we are on the threshold of a breakthrough or when we are expanding and growing. However, fear can also be a catalyst for possibility and transformation.

By exploring our relationship with our inner critic and working through resistance, we can tap into our flow state and align with our true purpose.

And in Garden Party we always do this through creative play!

What have I learned?

Ultimately, the quest for a deeper purpose or meaning is a lifelong journey. We are constantly evolving and growing, allowing our purpose to be revealed to us as we navigate the twists and turns of life.

Through our Soul Structures of sovereignty, spirituality, and co-creation with the universe, we can create a solid foundation for our soul's purpose to thrive.

ReAwakening is allowing your purpose to be revealed

So, if you find yourself yearning for a greater sense of purpose, remember that you are already the perfect version of who you were born to be.

Embrace the journey, allow your purpose to unfold, and trust that you are growing into the magnificent being you are designed to be!

Listen to our Blossom Your Awesome episode now

Are YOU ready to live a life of self-discovery and purpose?

Are you ready to ReAwaken to your Soul's Purpose?

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