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Location is TBD

Free to be Me!

Residential 3 Day Retreat in your Region ReAwakening to your Soul's Purpose

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Free to be Me!
Free to be Me!

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

Your deepest wound holds your greatest medicine

Are you tired of being the good girl?

Always there for other people but no-one seems to notice that you are only just holding it all together?

Are you living your life following tired, outdated, worn-out stories?

These might be the sort of old stories you are telling yourself…

Be quiet, don’t make a fuss. Don’t rock the boat, stay out of trouble, do as you’re told. Be a “good” girl. Play by someone else’s rules. You’re not good enough. Do more, feel less.

You don’t have to do things the way they have always been done. The world is changing and shifting and the old tired, worn-out stories are just not true anymore.

You have permission to speak up, to speak your truth.

You have permission to reshape your story, to change direction, to change your lifestyle

You have permission to listen to your own inner wisdom, over the voices of old stories.

Are you ready to discover your Authentic, Rebellious, Quirky self?

Free to be Me! is for you if you want to

Break free of beliefs holding you back

Find your inner joy

Connect to your own wisdom

Learn to use transformational tools

Unleash your Creativity

Live a life of self-discovery and purpose

Discover what lights you up

See what is possible for you

Be YOUR Authentic, Rebellious, Quirky Self

Program Outline

Session 1 The Start of your Journey

We will look at:

Where are you now on your journey

Where would you like to be?

Are you ready to give yourself permission to go there?

Session  2 Speaking your Truth

We will look at:

Why you don’t feel safe to speak your truth

Uncover how you are currently living your life through old stories

Session  3 Connecting you with your Spirituality

We will look at:

How do you connect with your spirituality?

Uncover new ways to connect with your own spirituality that resonate with your soul now.

Session  4 Finding your Magic Within

You will experience a powerful guided journey to uncover your unique gifts.

You will find the Key to your own “Treasure Chest” of wisdom by understanding your limiting beliefs.

Session  5 Going through the Mill

Have you experienced times of overwhelm?

Have you felt crushed by the weight of expectation?

We will explore the tools of resilience and living in flow, and how to learn from your own experiences in a positive way.

Session  6 Creating your Magic

You will discover that you are the genie and the holder of your magic lamp!

Then you will learn to co-create with the universe and master the art of manifesting.

Session  7 Discover your Book of Life

We now invite your inner child to play, unleashing creative fun as you design your own Book of Life together.

Session  8 Discover that you are the Bell

You will awaken to your inner wisdom and uncover your unlimited potential for joy.

Session  9 Uncover the Power of Shadow Work

Navigate the shadows with creative play, finding the beauty in your darkness.

Learn to acknowledge your shadow side and see where you can unveil the greatest transformation.

Session  10 Celebrate how far you have come

Stop and smell the roses! Pause and enjoy your Magical Garden.

Discover the importance of integrating all you are learning.

Session  11 Discover the Power of the Written Word

Uncover the magic of journaling to deepen the connection with your inner wisdom in a new and fresh way.

Session  12 Discover why it matters to Celebrate your Wins

It is important to learn the art of giving and receiving.

You probably know how to give and give, and give. But here you will learn how to receive with grace and balance your life in tune with nature.

Session  13 Let’s now get Drunk on Life

How would you like to be drunk on life?

So full of the joy of living it feels intoxicating!

Go through the magical gateway of Gratitude and Explore your Garden of Abundance

Session  14 Accepting Sovereignty Over Your Life

You can now choose to be the ruler of your own life.

Learn how to claim this sovereignty and establish healthy connections with clear boundaries.

Session  15 Discover the Music of Your Life

Have you heard the song of your heart?

How do you want to dance in your life?

Learn to listen to the vibration of your Soul and uncover the Song of your Creative Heart Space.

What is included?

Ritual and Ceremony in beautiful surroundings

Creativity and Celebration

All meals and snacks


Workshops and Participants Workbook

Copy of Celia’s best-selling book, The Garden Party

Your own set of The Adventure Deck oracle cards

And a few surprises in your welcome party bag

Next step…

Celia would love to have a cuppa, so book in for your Free Discovery Session, so you can chat about ReAwakening your Soul's Purpose.

Come weave with Celia at your Soul’s Garden Party. Step through the rickety gate of your Creative Heart Space and open your pathways into your Soul’s Magical Garden.

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