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Adventure Cards

How to use The Garden Party Adventure Deck

Get ready to go on this adventure of YOUR life.


Reawakening to Your Soul's Purpose and discovering your Authentic, Rebellious, Quirky Self

with a good dollop of Gratitude.


Grab yourself a Blank Journal.

There are lots of opportunities for following Magical Journal prompts.


Get ready to put on your boots and go out exploring.

Create your Space.

Physical – where and when.

Mental – make an appointment with yourself.

Emotional – notice any resistance, no criticism or judgement.


3 options to choose from:


Option 1

Select a card at random.


Option 2

Put the cards into the 4 Suits e.g Authentic: Magical Keys 1 - 15 and then take the next card.


Option 3

Put the cards in Magical Keys Sets, Authentic Keys, Rebellious Keys, Quirky Keys and all the Gratitude Keys.

Adventure Cards

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