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Free to Be Me!

Re-Awakening to your Soul's Purpose

Discover what lights you up and see what is possible for you.  

You will receive your Soul Resources on your journey. 


Your Soul Structures will be revealed to you in powerful and fun, creative ways through various transformational tools, enabling you to reclaim your soul’s purpose so you can flourish and grow.


Come weave with Celia at your Soul’s Garden Party.  Step through the rickety gate of your Creative Heart Space and open your pathways into your Soul’s Magical Garden.  

  • Available Online

    Spend time with Celia discussing awakening to your Soul's Purpose. (NB...


If you would like to dive deeper into our conversation around my Magical Key #1 “Start of the Journey” I invite you to spend time with your journal and explore the medicine of this intentional journey:  

Where are you now on your journey?

Where would you like to be?

Are you ready to give yourself permission to go there?

Reflect on your year. What were your highlights?

How have you grown through a "mistake"?

What is your intention for the next stage of your journey?

Create your own affirmation or use this one

"I give myself permission to take action; to do the things that are good for my soul"

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ReAwakening to your Soul's Purpose

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